Melvyl and the Bloodied Pyrium

So, like most people, I have been working on gearing up one of my characters. In my case, Melvyl, who I still consider “my main” hence the name I use here. My basic plan is to do what I did with 3.3 – gear him largely as Retribution, than take up healing when I am satisfied that I am geared enough to avoid the average disaster. While it was a little easier back then, it has been going okay thus far. Now here’s the point of this post: He is wearing four pieces of PVP gear – not counting the relic (which I consider a huge upgrade over the ilevel318 quest piece).

Bloodied Pyrium Shoulders4 of 4. The only thing better come from Heroics or Justice Points.

Bloodied Pyrium BracersNot rated. No Justice Point option or Rep option. And only 3 choices, really, since the 4th is a ilevel308 item.

Bloodied Pyrium GauntletsNot rated. These is a Justice Point option but also a Rep option for the same ilevel.

Bloodied Pyrium BeltNot rated. So while there is a Justice Point item,  the best choice is the very nice Rep belt.

So I either wait or buy the shoulders and just grind out the rest of the rep and/or hope for Heroic drops – which I actually haven’t started running. But I guess maybe I should start.


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