A Tale of Three Heroics

So, yesterday, I had some time and with the imminent approach of 4.3, I was trying to decide what to do with my valor points. I decided to pickup the Giantform Bracers. Only one problem – I didn’t quite have enough… I was going to have to run some Heroics. Now you may remember my recent theory:

I have a theory that if you do enough of them and get enough gear that you will tend to be grouped with people with better gear and have smoother Heroic runs, but that is still just a theory. – Tuning Cataclysm Heroics

Now was my chance to see.

Throne of the Tides – I zoned in and thought it was the beginning because the person with me was running in. But actually the group had just wiped on Lady Naz’jar. We successfully got her down and really had no issues after that.

Blackrock Caverns – I zoned in and found myself at Corla again coming off a wipe. Again we were successful and got through the rest of the instance okay. I actually died while kiting the final boss but that was more an issue of the tank going before I was ready than anything else.

Vortex Pinnacle – Everything went fine until we got to Asaad. Both of the other two DPS died from Supremacy of the Storm because they were nowhere near the grounding field. Fortunately, though, with the tank and healer still up, we just wore him down through attrition.

So, nearly a year into the expansion and either PUGs still can’t get through Heroics intact or they die on annoying Boss Mechanics. I really hope this serves as an object lesson in the MoP dungeon designs.


One thought on “A Tale of Three Heroics

  1. I really hope the dungeons are (a) shorter and (b) less trash-filled in the expansion. I have pretty much stopped playing my max level characters in favour of leveling because the PUGs are just so painful. Gratz on the bracers though!

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